Auxiliary electric heater

In the cold, the heat pump and evaporation temperature of the air heat source heat pump and evaporation temperature are inevitably low, and the compressor works at high compression, and the volumetric efficiency of the guide wire compressor is indicated. In this way, the heat pump heat and heat performance coefficient will be lowered. A preferred approach is to increase auxiliary heat source equipment, and auxiliary electric heaters are ideal auxiliary heat source equipment. The auxiliary electric heater does not require any other auxiliary equipment, which has a significant advantage over other equipment such as small boilers than other equipment in installation, operation, and maintenance.

The auxiliary heater is integrated with the central air conditioner, the air energy heat pump water heater is integrated, and the unit energy efficient space heate can be used to control the unit, and the circulating water is pre-heat, improve the water temperature, which guarantees the air conditioning unit. Starting and running is normal, and improves the heating efficiency and heating effect of the air conditioner.

The power consumption of the auxiliary heater itself can be compensated from the efficiency of improving the central air conditioning unit, the heat of the air energy heat pump unit, and the total power consumption is not much.