Plate Directions | Demand High Growth Performance Step by Step Strive to Call with Colored Metals

Zh Tong Finance APP learned that on October 18, the results of colored metals gradually fulfilled in the high growth background, and the A-shaped non-ferrous metal plate opened, as of paper, medium mine resources (, Luoping Zinc Electric (002114.SZ), Chihong Zincurium (600497.SH), Zinc Co., Ltd. (000751.SZ), Mid-Shares (300489.SZ), and Sheng Shares (002824.SZ), Zhu Metie Group (600961. SH), China Golden Lingnan (000060.SZ), Yunhai Metal (002182.SZ) and other stocks rose.

Dongwu Securities Council Refers: Continue to recommend a colored metal plate. The ceiling constraint is supplied in carbon, and the new energy demand is high, and the consumer demand can continue to grow. The integral of the colored metal plates enters the supply and demand structure to continue to a good stage. 1) Continue to optimize the industrial metal copper, aluminum, zinc, especially Sheet Metal Stamping beneficial carbon, and costly electrolyte aluminum industries. 2) Strengthening the new energy upstream material lithium, cobalt, rare earth permanent magnet, etc., the performance of high growth is gradually fulfilled. Gansu and other local or due to power problems, some electrolytic aluminum production capacity, overseas energy crisis lead to discontinuity of some aluminum plants in Europe, which is expected to support electrolytic aluminum prices. In terms of rare earths, some rare earth raw materials enterprises are also affected by the electricity, and the import of Myanmar is still not recovered. In terms of lithium, the downstream gradually enters the traditional peak season. my country’s new energy vehicle production in September is 148% / 15%, and the production of salt lake production in the western region has begun to decline due to the probability of seasonal factors. The supply and demand tension is expected to intensify.