Why choose a taxi transfer from the airport instead of public transport or without a driver?

So you have to go to the airport, research your options, and you’re not sure which option to choose. Well, this article describes some honest experiences that my passengers have shared with me, experiences that have influenced their decision towards the airport taxi transfer instead of the other options available.
So what options do you have when you head to the airport?
1: Transfer by taxi to the airport
2: bus
3: train
4: Self Drive – Meet and Greet Parking
5: Self Drive – Park at the airport direct
6: Self Drive – Park in a nearby parking lot.
There may be more options than those mentioned above, but I think the list covers the main ones. Now each method has its own merits and personal preferences will help you choose what suits you best. If you want to spend as little as possible, the obvious option is to take a bus, but you should also factor in the price of getting to the bus in the fare. The train system in the UK is simply expensive and keeps increasing and of course, as with a bus, you still have to get to the train first, which cannot be an easy task when dragging the necessary luggage for the average vacation with you.
But my main reason for writing today is to compare airport taxi transfers with the various autonomous driving options out there. The first thing to remember is that your safety is the number one priority and I have lost count of the number of passengers I have picked up on long haul flights who simply would not be fit taxi airport zaventem to drive. People forget that flying is a tiring experience and that changing time zones really takes your heart off, the last thing you want to do is sit you and your family in your car and run down the highway exhausted. 95% of all my morning flights sit in the car and just fall asleep, allowing me to keep driving them home safely.
When you compare prices on a two-week vacation, the prices really start to add up, if you intend to park directly at the airport, a taxi transfer service from the airport can save you money. I have had passengers on board who say they would simply never use any of the small parking lots in the local airport area, as the car has been returned to them with many more miles on the clock than they left it, or with small dents or marks due to staff continually moving vehicles around the parking lot, carelessly! So unless I park at the airport in a designated space, parking for some of my passengers was simply not an option, when you then compare prices for parking directly at the airport, a taxi is usually cheaper.
But let’s explore one last angle. In 2010, the UK experienced a major airline outage due to a series of natural events. Volcanic eruptions and snow were a major factor in delaying airlines or even rerouting to another location. Now if you have your car parked at a particular airport and you are redirected, you still have to make your way to where your car is parked, adding many hours of travel time to an already stressful journey. If your flight is delayed and you have a bus booked for shortly after landing, you will simply have to buy a new ticket. Now with a taxi transfer from the airport you have a bespoke ride booked and most taxi drivers I know will remain flexible and switch if they can to accommodate any problems you incur during your journey. This makes an airport taxi transfer service the most flexible option you have when traveling to the airport.